Friday, November 14, 2008

A girl's shed

A girl should have a space all to herself, a man has his shed, a woman needs a nook. A place where if you put things down they stay put, a place where she can think and be creative, recharge her batteries and be refreshed to handle day to day life with a busy family.
Here's my girl's shed :0)


earthmotherwithin said...

You are so lucky to have a space all for yourself. I wish I did!

Secret Hippie said...

How about a space at the end of a verandah. I waited 20 years for mine. It cost $500, floor, gyprock, bats and paint. It is above hubbies shed.
Earthmotherwithin, you need one dear, we all do.
Hubby has been shocked that woman actually want a space! I think he thought it was just me!

Karen said...

Yes, I am quite jealous of your lovely food storage area - lucky you! Oh well, I have found a couple of shelves to keep mine which isn't bad for a house which doesn't even have a linen cupboard (so frustrating!) LOL
P.S. Secret Hippie I have tagged you with The Tree of Happiness. I hope you don't mind, if you don't wish to do it I won't be offended -I know you are a busy lady!

Secret Hippie said...

Oh Karen! What is the tree of happiness? Sounds very... uumm garden eden? LOL
I'm sorry I'm so technologically challenged!

Kez said...

Ooooh I want a place where things stay where I put them!! Do you have an electric fence around it to achieve that??!