Saturday, September 25, 2010

Patchwork project

I have an old sleeping bag, I do think it's from the 70's although the colours aren't too bad and I'm going to give it a new lease on life. I've decided to 'patchwork quilt' it and I've borrowed a friends book, "90 minutes quilts" by Meryl Ann Butler. She has this groovy technique that you quilt as you go. I'll add photos as I go.
Here's the old bag elegantly dropped on the floor so you can see both the colours, however the phone has fibbed, it's yellow and blue:

I'm looking forward to choosing the fabrics from my bits and pieces :o)


Cable stitch!

A thread about coffee cosies got me wondering if I could cable stitch! Here's my efforts.
Sorry the pic is on the phone as eldest kiddos took the camera to Tassie!

I found video jug to be very helpful:

Now guess what the children's teachers are getting for Christmas, a coffee cup cosie, how did you guess?! LOL

Big kids Tasmanian Trip

The big children have saved their pennies and having a ball in Tassie!
Here's the oldest bridge in Australia It's found in Richmond.
Here's their mode of transport
I'm proud that they saved their money from their junk mail run and are now having a lovely time, snow and all!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wild winds on the South Coast

That was the chook house

One of the many up rooted trees

The garage

A bit of the drive way, trees all the way down. It took 4 hours to clear.

It's funny but it doesn't look too bad in the photos. It has been really full on, there is leaf and limb litter every where, it will take weeks to clear up and months to get all the piles burnt. All the fences need fixing, trees removed and wires redone.
However, we were all safe so what more could we want!