Sunday, June 3, 2012

New kitchen table -stage 1

We packed a little picnic lunch and ventured off to the bush to find a little but very busy saw mill. Note to self, take ear plugs next time.
We need to replace our kitchen table and I didn't want to buy a cheap import and it is sadly too expensive to buy a custom made so we are making our own.
The problem with doing it yourself is it takes SO long! Not even close to the usual experience of choosing a table at the shop and they deliver it the next day and your eat on it that night, no, not this way :o-

We found the saw mill, spent 1/2 an hour walking around in dried cow poo until we found the bits that would do it job, $100 and 5 pieces of hard wood later we had our picnic and headed home.
Here it is, step one: