Sunday, June 3, 2012

New kitchen table -stage 1

We packed a little picnic lunch and ventured off to the bush to find a little but very busy saw mill. Note to self, take ear plugs next time.
We need to replace our kitchen table and I didn't want to buy a cheap import and it is sadly too expensive to buy a custom made so we are making our own.
The problem with doing it yourself is it takes SO long! Not even close to the usual experience of choosing a table at the shop and they deliver it the next day and your eat on it that night, no, not this way :o-

We found the saw mill, spent 1/2 an hour walking around in dried cow poo until we found the bits that would do it job, $100 and 5 pieces of hard wood later we had our picnic and headed home.
Here it is, step one:


Sarah said...

This is where I would ask on Freecycle "Does anyone have a table they no longer want", or go to garage sales. Building my own table is way too much effort (I wouldn't even know where to start!).

Sherrie said...

Hi Piglet, thank you for you lovely email you sent me the other day...
I'm so looking forward to seeing your new table has it been completed yet...
Sherrie from Simpleliving :)