Thursday, August 13, 2009

Virtually free craft room

We have been collecting second hand materials for a while to make a craft room. We love sewing and scrapbooking etc but we live in a shoe box and it is a pain to get it all out, put it all away, I know you know the feeling, so roll on craft room!

With the exception of the concrete we poured, every thing has been recycled. It also has a nice history. The original building was built at the local quarry in 1930. It was later pulled into town with bullocks and it has sat there until this year past year where it is being renovated. So this is where the materials came from. I feel like we are preserving in a sense, local history and I'm getting a terrific cute room for free!
The roof is up and has been for a while. It too is all recycled. Next we laid some new concrete over the old slab that was there. It wasn't waterproof and rather gross. The little ones helped!
The slab has dried and the hard wood framing is going up from the old quarry house.
The weather boards have been gathered, ready and waiting.
Very exciting! I can't wait for the next available day to watch hubby working ;o)

.... I'll provide refreshments =o)


Denise said...

You have such patience. It will be wonderful when it's finished.

Katidids said...

Serious craft room envy! We recently completed a massive recycling project with 22 tons of concrete. We created a large patio with a repurposed concrete floor. A lot of satisfaction in the work & finished product!