Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thermal Portable Cooker

Aldi was selling a Thermal Portable Cooker, a 'Dream Pot' look a like and it is brilliant for 1/3 of the price of the original cooker.
Tonight we had a melt in the mouth curry, rice and a 'nightshade' free casserole for the littlest. The food was SO tender and SO tasty, and it cost cents to cook with no risk of burning. A good buy.

You cook up the food it the pot (the one to the right) for 20 mins. Then transfer from stove top to the thermos part (on the left). Close the lid and don't peep for 3-5 hours. Keeps hot for 8 hours according to the box.

These can also be used to keep things cold. Instructions tell me that you put the pot in the freezer and add food stuff to keep cold for picnic... yummo


Aussiemade said...

Wow sounds like your dream pot lookalike is great. I too have a lookalike, its a thermo pot and came with heaps of extras. It is so good on the really hot days. We can still have something other than salad for very little work. Wait till winter you will use it often. I have made cake in my smaller container while the meal is coooking underneath, a sticky date pudding too. Just had to make the sauce.

Secret Hippie said...

Oh you clever woman, cooking cakes!
I am yet to turn out a cake I'm really happy with, part of the problem is not having the right sized cake tray thingo. I tried nut loaf tins put tey were too tall.
The cakes were moist and that's nice but the every top centre was still uncooked :o(

Advice needed!!! :o)