Monday, November 1, 2010

Single serve casseroles.

We have one child with allergies. It's a pest as most meals I make have tomato or potato in it. So I have started to plan ahead and have a friendly meal in the freezer for him. I found the most adorable little casserole pot and as luck would have it, the texas sized muffin tins are a perfect fit. So here's the first serve. In the freezer and waiting to get dumped into a freezer bag and then I'll refill with another casserole. I could reheat in the microwave but I don't like them, so the tiny casserole dish is perfect.
Chicken Casserole
This would be such an easy way to prepare meals for a single person. I know if I was just feeding myself I'd be lazy and tempted to have toast or something. This could be the answer :O) 


mum x 5 said...

Great idea! How's your mum doing?

Secret Hippie said...

Little guy is having one tonight! He's quite excited.

Thanks for asking about mum, she is holding her own, still in hosp waiting for rehab. She moved her left arm today apparently, so that's exciting! Thanks x

mum x 5 said...

That's a good sign. The earlier she can start to move, the more extensive her recovery may be.
We have been through this with my mother-in-law in recent years.

Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way.

Secret Hippie said...

You're a sweet heart, thank you.