Friday, December 17, 2010

Goodness no posts for ages!

I'm sorry there hasn't been any updates for ages! You know how it is, the end of year and lots of loose ends to be tidied and parties to attend :o)

Great news on Mum, she is home and recovering slowly. She is walking and slowly talking. How happy she must be to sleep in her own bed! Dad is very happy to have his wife back too :o)

Here is the kindergarten end of year performance. All those little cuties. I have to say our little guy had the most wonderful teacher this year, the woman is a saint! Thank you for your input into his impressionable life :o)

I have to show off a gift a girl friend made me, I don't know how she finds the time, she is the busiest person I know. How clever is this.

I made a cute little card holder for my girls friends, you know those store cards, ones that get punched etc

Next year I hope to spend a lot more time sewing, I really miss it. We have exciting savings plans for next year but I'll keep the gory details for it's own post.

I've been to the best op shop ever, Here is my $2 outfit, skirt, under top, over top and knitted jacket/cardigan.

And for Tan who wanted to see the full dress, ta da...


Anonymous said...

What a lovely outfit, both mother and daughter look great and $2 how fantastic ! I love your homemade gifts as well, such a great reminder for me to remember to embrace the skills I have and use them :) xx

Secret Hippie said...

Thanks Linda! Bit of a bargain hey.

If you do some craft will you show us :o) I'd love to see it.