Monday, August 29, 2011

Front door improvements

We didn't have a covered front verandah or porch, we had to walk straight into the house and traipse dirt into the house. So I asked Beloved to extend the eaves and add a seat so we could sit and pull our shoes on and off, also a place to keep the shoes outside but safe from a chewing dog ;o)

DS20 made me a terrific seat, the shoes hid underneath. I think it looks very cosy. DD16 sits outside to have her breakfast admiring the new day. It was all made from recycled timbers and cost virtually nothing. Even the mirror was old, the note the back said to the installer "here's 50 cents for a drink up at no. 47" LOL 
The paint was left over from the fence and the window was an old one from our "Steptoe and son" stockpile.
We still have to put the eaves and I think we will have to buy them. We have the screen doors to hang on.


Anonymous said...

Hi There! I hope you are all starting to feel better.

I would love to know what that covering is? it is beautiful!

Thanks, LMF

Secret Hippie said...

Thanks Karyn, improving :O)

It is an Indian Rag rug. Gorgeous isn't it. I adore the colours. It's the right length to hide the shoes and being a floor rug, robust for outside use. It shouldn't fade as it doesn't get direct sunlight.

Barb. said...

That looks nice. I bet it gets lots of us.