Monday, January 12, 2009

Budget 09 The year of no spending! Hahaha...ha?

Ok, so you can't not spend can you! I'm meaning those unnecessary purchases. It's the little foxes that spoil the vines.

Well so far I have not spent for 2 days this year. But I'm still in budget.

Financial goal: reduce mortgage quicker.

Grocery budget for 7 - 5 adults 2 children is $10-$15 a day.

Make sure we have fun. Find and actually do more family fun activities. Camping, picnics, movie nights, beach and river trips more often.

Try not to buy clothes this year, use what's already in our wardrobe.

We always look for the best insurance and utility deals but will keep a look out for new options.

Continue to make our gifts. We are loving this crafting :0)

UPDATE: It worked! We knocked 30,000 off the principle of our mortgage on top of the interest payments. This was definitely helped by the generous Australian government with their payments to help keep Australia out of recession.

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Linda said...

Things have been pretty tight here with the grocery budget. I haven't bought any meat, have been using up lots of beans in the pantry. Still have a few left. My son in the city I think I give him $9 a day, he has worked out he can save a little buying the cheap things in Coles since. He eats pretty well though, lots of cheesy meaty things.