Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pasta Making

2 3/4 cup of plain flour, pinch salt and 3 eggs. Mix until most of the dry flour is gone, you may need to ad an extra egg, it depends on how absorbent your flour is. If you use wholemeal or as a mix you need more eggs. Once it all clings together start kneading, this is hard work and takes maybe 5 mins.

Here's the kneaded ball, then wrapped in plastic to rest for 25 mins and the finished rested ball that should look slightly glossy.

The dough is nice and stretchy and breaks into golf ball sized balls ready for rolling out in the pasta machine.

Liberally flour your machine and start rolling on widest setting. Keep putting the pasta back in and narrowing the gap, one little ball just grows and grows!

Look at all that from 2 & 3/4 cups of flour!
After you have all those lovely sheets of pasta and you aren't using them for lasagne, put it through the cutting blade on your pasta cutting machine.

Two large bowls ready to be boiled for about 4 minutes.
Finish boiled product ready for sauce. This will feed the 7 of us.


Anonymous said...

This looks so delicious, and is somethign i have always wanted to try, but haven't yet. That is a HUGE quantity of pasta though, can it be stored? and How long does it store for?

Thanks, Khaliah.

Secret Hippie said...

You can freeze it easily. You flash freeze on an open tray and then bag it up into the quantities you want to use. I have no idea how long it would last frozen, 3-6 months?
You can dry it and it lasts weeks too.
Of course you could just make a small, 1 egg 3/4 cup of flour amount.