Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Emma's slipper making

My DD Emma has been busy knitting these slippers. They are so amazingly comfortable, it feels like your feet are being cuddled. She knitted them with pure wool (on sale of course!) from Kmart! She got the pattern from Simple Savings


Karen said...

What a very clever DD indeed!

Bill said...

Hi. I have looked on the Simple Savers site for this slipper pattern (we are members) and couldn't find it anywhere. Would you be able to put it on here, or maybe send it to me by email, because I'd really like to try it. It's songs at billkath dot com. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Kath Worsfold

Secret Hippie said...

Kath cut and paste this:
They are really lovely socks/slippers.
I'm hoping to get a pair for mothers day ;o)

Bill said...

Hey, thanks a lot for that, Secret Hippie! While waiting for your answer, I also found this website:

which is an absolute MOTHERLODE for all kinds of knitting patterns. I've now got more slipper patterns than I can use in a lifetime. I will now also be able to try this one, which people have raved about!


Secret Hippie said...

Sorry it took so long to answer, being a technological reject, I don't know how to rig this thing to email me so things go un-noticed!

I'll enjoy looking at the site you've suggested :o)