Monday, April 20, 2009

We have been busy bees building a stone garden wall and steps. (When I say we I mean hubby labouring and I have been foreman... hehehe). We have granite on our property so we collected it and prepared the front steps and a nice little garden.
We are waiting to get a cement truck into to fill in the steps but gee the old boy did a good job on the wall! 

Mean while we were so happy with our wicked garden beds experiment (see older posts) that we are setting up new ones in a tunnel. I'll add pics as we go :0)

We have half built a garage and craft room. We have gathered 100 year old weatherboards that were going to be burnt. We have old windows we got from a house that was being demolished and same nasty roofing iron that has come up a treat. So far the basic structure is up and roof is  on. Other than nails it hasn't cost any thing.


Em said...

That looks fantastic!

Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) said...

Oh, Luci, it's *gorgeous*!

Peta said...

Luci that wall looks amazing, well done to Hubby.