Sunday, August 8, 2010

Post 4 from the challenge: Clothing

Well, I said de-cluttered and barest minimums and I have to say this isn't anyways the case! We are very blessed to receive 'hand-me-acrosses' and I go to the awesome op shop ever. So our clothing does wax and wain, however I try to keep to minimums.

For me, wife, mother and secret hippie I think I need:

2 pairs Jeans                                                                few shirts 
2 pairs of snazzy pants                                               few dresses
2 pairs of trackie pants

6 tee shirts                                                                    4 jumpers 
6 singlet tops                                                                2 vests
4 shirts

1 runners                                                                       1 slip on shoes 
1 sandals                                                                       1 buckle up shoes
1 boots                                                                          1 thongs

7 undies, 3 bras, 7 socks  (all black and identical) Spencer and long johns, 3 pj's and 1 dressing gown                                                                various scarves

I find it a bit difficult to restrict clothing as it depends on how I feel! I can't look like I've crawled out of woodstock and go to church. I can't go sensible all the time because it's not creative enough :o-  One day balance will come... or not!

The little children
7 undies, 7 socks (always less because they disappear!) few singlets

4 pairs on long pants
4 shorts
7 tee shirts
4 long sleeve shirts
2 church shirts
4 jumpers -2 knitted and 2 fleece
1 vest
1 jacket
3 seasonal pj's +1 dressing gown

summer hat and beanie

That's about it. If you have too many clothes you have too much to look after and you don't wear it all, it is a pain. Keep clothes washed and repaired. It helps if you can, and sometimes you don't have a chose but try to stick to plain pants and patterned tops. Don't do checked pants and patterned tops for example. Everything plain makes it easier but most things, especially for boys have printed things on them.


Anonymous said...

Love your list. I know I am always wondering what to keep, what to give away and what I need to actually get. Thank you

Secret Hippie said...

It's hard isn't it, I also think it changes with life's seasons as well as the obvious seasonal ones!