Monday, August 9, 2010

Post 5 from the challenge: Cleaning, all home made, cheap as!

I've posted about cleaning before but like all things your habits change over time. Currently I use hot water and tea tree for mopping the floor. I use Window/mirror cleaner and multipurpose cleaner from this thread:

I use Planet Ark sensitive for our clothes washing which is bout $7 a box. I use 1TBS and that gives me 1000 washes.

For the dishwasher I use Aldi Tundra which is $2 or $3 I can't recall exactly. I use 1 tsp.

This thread has the idea of printing out the recipes so anyone in the family can make them :o)

I must confess piles of paper are my down fall. I think the problem is just not making the time to deal with the papers in the first place, instead I pile them up and nearly weep at the size of it! LOL I have developed a few systems, like folders for specific things. This works brilliantly when I use it!

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