Sunday, October 17, 2010

Retro patterns. Op shop fun!

I had a great find at my favourite op shop last week. I have no idea if I'll get anything made up, so I'll store them as little package of future hope ;o)


Kristine said...

My Boo Bear is making herself some flannel p.j.'s. She is taking sewing from another homeschool mama. I'm excited to see her end result! Please post if you sew something up. I'd love to see it.

KJ said...

Love these old patterns, I have a stack that belonged to my mum and hope to one day (I 'd better hurry up) be able to sew well enough. I am very bad at sewing but perservarence in the key, I am sure :)

balletmama said...

Fabulous! I love vintage dress patterns too...great find! Mimi