Friday, October 8, 2010

Anti bacterial wipes -homemade

When I'm out at the shops or else where and we are having lunch, whether bought or brought, I like to use wipes for our hands before eating. I used to buy them but it added up even though they are a few dollars, so here's a homemade job. If I can't take a bottle, I can just damped a cloth and put it in a ziplock bag :o) 

Anti bacterial wipes: 

100ml white vinegar 
20 drops lavender 
20 drops eucalyptus oil 
10 drops tea tree oil 
Blend and store in spray bottle with some cloth squares (or paper towel if throwing away) Ziplock bags to carry cloths or dirties to wash at home.


Anonymous said...

Will these work as good without the Lavender? I am allergic to lavender.

Secret Hippie said...

I would imagine so, chose an antibacterial/viral oil you can use and I'm sure it would be fine :o)