Thursday, May 24, 2012

What can you make that you normally buy?

I was pondering how supermarkets are a relatively new concept. My grandmother, long since departed did not have supermarkets for the bulk of her life. I am trying to make a conscious effort to reduce my reliance on supermarkets, to avoid their excessive chemicals, their packaging and over inflated prices.
But lets be honest some of their stuff is just darn convenient, so this week I have started to look through my pantry and see what I can replace with home made products. Well, not entirely home made, the basic ingredients still come from the shops but at lest I have a better idea of the contents.

CUP-A SOUP, this weeks replacement item. We rarely use them but they are good to have on hand for an emergency meal. Google recipes, there are so many wonderful sites with recipes to try. Something like this. Here's the one we are sampling this week. I tried to stick to organic ingredients, but my milk powdered isn't :o(
However, very simple and store in a glass jar.
For our child with wheat allergies, we cook 3 TBS rice/water in the microwave and 1 TBS of this mix so he can have a 2 min noodle equivalent.

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Sallyspatch said...

About 2 years ago after a regular grocery shop I notice the rubbish bin full of plastic wrapping from the groceries. From that moment on I decided to make an effort to drastically reduce the amount of packages I brought into my home.
I made my own yogurt,bread,grew most of my veggies and started shopping at our local bulk dry goods co op. It has made a huge difference to the amount of rubbish I had. It's not always cheaper but I am much happier knowing what we are eating and less is going in to land fill.
Since then I have taken on some chickens and in the near future I am hopeing to get a dairy goat for milk and other dairy products.