Sunday, June 20, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream

Over the weekend I tried a new ice cream recipe. I find lots are just too sweet and rich, not a bad thing except that you can only eat a tiny bit!
This one is icier with a creaminess.


250mls water and dissolve in a saucepan 110 gms of raw sugar. Leave to cool.
In a blender add cooled sugar water, 500 gms fruit of choice (I used raspberries) and 500ml cream. Whizz.

Pour into a container that can go into the freezer. During the cooling process use electric beaters to break up any large crystals forming. I only did it once on this because I forgot and went to bed :o)
As you can see I tried it this morning and it's very nice but next time I'll put the raspberries through the sieve to remove the seeds.

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Anonymous said...

mmmmm, sounds yummy. I have to try it, as I see that it is wheat and gluten free. Thank you Piglet - Lil Chicken