Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Stove and new position

This is for you Gill :o)
We finally got a new stove! Very exciting, very simple base model type gas stove. Very little to go wrong and the oven even heats up to the temperature the dial is turned too! This is very novel and something I've not had before ;o)
The stove is in the position of the old fridge and fridge where the stove was. It flows better in the kitchen. The next little job is to put a small storage and tiny bench on the left hand side, I plan to store the oven trays etc there. I don't think we can match the purple benches so I'll put groovy tiles instead.

I want to show you a great little nook for my baking and cooling trays. This is probably the most helpful 'cupboard' I have in my kitchen.

I can't wait to up date my kitchen! I see French Country style in my future ;o)


Aussiemade said...

that is the same stove as I have and mine seems to be so much hotter on top. I have had mine for a couple of years and it is fan forced, drives me insane, and I have not really worked out the cooking times for thins. It is real hit or miss at our place sometimes.

Secret Hippie said...

Hhhmm interesting. Mine is not fan forced but definitely hotter on the at the top, which would be expected I suppose. What a pest for you :o(

I've had some seriously over done biscuits but if I just put them in the middle it's fine. I've had some adjusting to do for sure. I never realised the old stove just never got to temp and that it explains why everything too so long to cook. I finally got a thermometer from Aldi and all was revealed!

It's a learning curve! Tell you what though, it does a marvelous job on the wedges! And so quickly!