Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've been set a challenge!

I've been asked to show how we do some things I talked about on a Simple Savings thread so here's the list cut and paste from there and I'll work on each to show how we do it, maybe it might be helpful to see each one in action?....

This is the list of what we currently do and I was looking for new areas to save in.

*Food is at it's barest minimum, I think. 
*Housing is being paid as quickly as possible 
*Telecommunications are good but could save on Internet pay change to wireless but unsure if voip works then. 
*Clothing de-cluttered and barest minimums. 
*Cleaning, all home made, cheap as. 
*Cars, careful with trips but a necessary evil. 
*Insurances, always find best prices. 
*Utilities are very small by comparison to other families. 
*Heating via wood heater and free wood. 
*Gifts are home made, Cards scrapbooked. 
*Consumables are being replaced slowly, reducing paper towel, gladwrap, toilet paper (can't see that one being totally eliminated... or want to!) 
*Toys are usually homemade or purchased on sale, larger items are a grand parents purchasing delight. 
*Gardening, make own compost and fertilisers etc 
*Entertainment is mostly free via library or going out to local park for picnics/dinner on council own bbqs. 
*Crafts, knitting, look for knitted items at op shop to unravel, or buy on sale. Scrapbooking gear on sale. 
*Babies, cloth nappies for night (no day any more) make own creams and hand me downs or home crafted things. 
*Personal items, cup, cloth pads. I do buy deodorant on sale at the health food shop. 
*Holidays, we got a camper. Pretty cool especially in free state forest places.