Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cheap healthy dinners

After all these natural disasters in Australia, I think we need to get even more creative producing cheap healthy meals. Here's tonight's meal made by Pooh, it feed 6 and had leftovers:
Salmon patties and salad
Honestly the photo does not do this meal justice! 20 Salmon patties from 1 $5 tin of salmon, spring onions and potatoes from the garden although there's 4 so not dear to buy anyway. We did another batch of sweet potatoes with rice crumbles. 10 of each sort from 1 tin.

The salad of bits and bobs. Lettuce, pine-nuts, carrot, cucumber, pepitas, celery, capsicum, tomato, walnut and linseeds. The dressing, lemon juice, olive oil, cumin and a hint of curry powder. A party in my mouth!

The salad ingredients were only small or left over parts but come together and make a large very tasty salad. Think of filling nutritious ingredients and not even huge amounts.


Debbie said...

They are a favourite in our house to but have never made them with sweet potato, must try that.

Anonymous said...

I'm always inspired by your recipes, you make me want to strive harder to feed our family for less when I see what you can do with such simple ingredients. I think it could be mindset for me. Sometimes I think it is too hard, takes too much time - when realistically it takes little time and effort - perhaps just requires a bit of organization. Thank you for the post and reminder for me :) Ps. I have a trip to the city coming up, do you recommend buying in bulk? I am thinking of doing this as there are quite a few things that I buy in smaller quantities that I could get in bulk instead (it makes sense to me to do this).

Secret Hippie said...

Do try them Debbie, they have a lovely delicate flavour :o)

Radical Homemaker, I do buy in bulk, I'm still making my way through 20 kg of lentils :o-

Storage can be a pest, I have a store room so for me it's not a problem but a normal house often doesn't. Spices can go off and better stored in the fridge but that's a bit annoying too with the space they take up. If I'm buying bulk fruit and veg, I find it better to do a couple of things at a time. 20kg of carrots takes a long time to process so I could only manage them and one other item at any one time. A bit of a pest but I lost quite a bit in the past when I didn't get it all processed. Very sad and wasteful!

So think storage, processing even transporting is a challenge if it needs to be chilled. Good luck :o)

Sherrie said...

Hi piglet I love making salmon patties I use a tin of pink salmon woolies brand about $2.50 ish about a kilo potatoes 50 cents a kilo. finely chopped onion salt &pepper and some times I put a sprinkle or two of italian herbs and As I don't eat wheat I roll them in polenta fine ground corn meal and fry in a little extra virgin olive oil ..jusy thought I'd share my version !
Sherrie from simpleliving ! We also love Quinoa we eat it a lot I buy it in bulk for $12.50 a kilo...