Monday, February 21, 2011

How to make a water proof library bag

Today I made the little ones library bags and as we all know how drink bottles leak and ruin those books. Here is a cute bag (two actually) with a rip-stop lining to protect the books.

I used quilting fabrics, usually they are 112cm wide, I bought 50cm so the resulting bag is 50x50cm ish.
I bought rip stop and that is 150 wide. I bought 115cm and it will give me 3 linings.

Cut rip stop 50x 110 (this size gets adjusted later but just work with it like this for now). Sew long sides forming a bag. Seam allowances about 1cm, just make it the same on the outer fabric. This bag stays as is, you don't turn it inside out, seams get hidden by the outer fabric.

One fabric I used uncut as the pattern is multi directional. The second one I have to cut in half and turn it so the pattern is correct both sides. Pictured below is the fabrics and two linings sewn up.

At the top of each gab I marked down 1 and 4 and 6 1/2 cm down. The first 1cm is the hem and the second is the turning for the casing. The 2nd and 3rd marks indicate the gap in the side seam that the cord will run through when it's all finished. Both sides need a gap if you are going to have two cords, one if you are having a single cord.

Here is the finished seam and the gap. 

Sew a little seam around the gap so the seam allowance lays flat.

Check the fit of the lining against seam or base of the outer lining and the second marked line (4 cm down) This where I'm pointing, it is your line to shorted the top of the lining before sewing together. It reduces bulk in the casing. 

Here is the cut off lining, it is pictured positioned to where it is going to sit on the outer  fabric.

Turn outer bag inside out, so you are looking at the correct side. Tuck in lining fabric so wrong sides are together. 
*Correct side of the outer fabric is out side of the bag. 
*Correct side of the lining is facing inside the bag.

Pining the lining to the 4cm mark and bring the casing down. Sew the hem and this leaves the casing that the cord threads through

Thread the cord through with a nappy pin :o)
I have only one cord but I want two. I'll have to go and buy more to match. I didn't think of it when I bought my supplies.

Ta da! Gorgeous very function bags, big enough to hold "Where's Wally?" books :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi there, those bags are very cute and practical. And I really LOVE what appears to be your purple picket fence. Unrelated I know...Lorax

Secret Hippie said...

Tehehe Lorax, Pooh promised me a house on a hill with a white picket fence. So even though we live on acreage, he delivered the on the hill and the picket fence, but I chose the colour :o)