Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dusted off the sewing skills! PANTS!

I struggle to find wide straight legged pants in the shops so I bought a NewLook pattern, 6920 to be specific, and have whizzed  up a pair, they are great :o) I got so excited I have not even ironed them properly or hemmed them, this was my first fitting but I'm really happy with them.
 I imagine I'll be able to make a few in different fabrics and colours. Very exciting and reasonably priced. I think these cost about $10.

I have two complaints about the pattern. My measurements on the back of the pattern said I was a 16 :o( I cut the pattern and they looked way to big. I took my measurements and compared the them t othe pattern and I was a 12. So I made them at that and they are fine.
The other problem was the amount of fabric recommended didn't suit the layout diagram. :o( I squeezed it in as it was 150cm wide fabric, if I'd got 115cm It would have been a disaster. So I have no idea what the pattern makers were thinking. Still, These pants in a light stretch fabric are so comfortable I can't be bothered taking them off to hem and press :o)


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!
They look really nice...
And since you make them yourself and they look so good and so much cheaper than the shops you can have lots and lots of pairs...LOL

Secret Hippie said...

I agree!!! Now to start looking for nice fabrics!

Got to be dark colours so the fat bits melt away! lol

Debbie C. in FL said...

Very nice! They fit you very well, and the pattern seems versatile. Good for you for finding time to sew! Did you ever make the tunic you had bought the beautiful fabrics for? Christiana and I thought that pattern looked gorgeous. :-)

Frogdancer said...

They look lovely!

I'm about to make pj pants soon. Clothes making is scary... they have to fit. Quilts are far easier!

Sherrie said...

They look great , do they zip up or elastic waist , very rewarding making your own...

Secret Hippie said...

Ah, Debbie, It is on my to do very soon list. I thought I'd make up the tunic in calico first to check the fit, but I haven't. :o( I'll just make it up and hope for the best :o)

Frogdancer, it is a bit scary, it's time money and a useless item if things go bad, however, if it works out, oh how super! Take the risk ;o)

Sherrie, they have a side zip. I need to get an invisible zipper presser foot, I used a hemming foot and it was a reasonable result :o)
It's so cool when you get a winner pattern!

Anonymous said...

They look fantastic Secret Hippie ... if only I could sew :)