Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 is here!

Don't you love a new year, it's like a clean slate :o)

We had a great free holiday, here is a picture over view for you!

I'd love to say this was us but it was a couple tootling around and with their permission I took some pictures. This was in Khancoban. Isn't that groovy.

 The little guy found a street named after himself!

The NSWer's sent the Victorians back home on foot!

The boys enjoyed a motor bike, swimming and feeding horses.

We found free fruit for small amount of jam. But it didn't make it, it went squishy in two days :o(

On the farm we were allowed to dehydrate the ripe apricots which the dog seemed to enjoy too.

Here's the dehydrated  end result. We peeled and cut in half other than that no other preparation. No preservatives or chemicals. I'm pleased with the colour of them.

And look who we visited on the way home, yes we sang the song!

There's a track winding back
to an old-fashioned shack,
Along the road to Gundagai.
Where the gum trees are growin'
and the Murrumbidgee's flowin'
beneath the starry sky.
Oh my mother and daddy are waitin' for me
And the pals of my childhood once more I will see
And no more will I roam 'cos I'm headin' right for home
Along the road to Gundagai.
..... (as you do!) 

Wishing everyone a wonderful healthy and creative new year!

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