Saturday, January 8, 2011

Check lists for overnight or longer stays

Our long holiday revealed that I am very unprepared for time away, impromptu or planned trips way from the house.
So I've come up with some lists that I can refer to so I don't forget those little items that have you going to the nearest shop and spending unnecessary money.
Feel free to copy and paste and adjust for your own use. Laminate and keep in a handy spot!

Overnight or a few days.

Hopefully pre packed
*Toothbrush and toothpaste. (Those free samples from the dentist are a great size for toothpaste)
*Hair brush/comb (ties and pins if needed)
*Shampoo samples or small refillable ones
*Shower cap
*face cream/moisturiser

Make up -perhaps have a small bag of your basics.

Towel (small sized), face cloth or micro-fibre cloth and a small towel (old cloth nappy) to use as a foot mat (why doesn't everyone have these?LOL)

Sanitary items
Over night and day time. A menstrual cup is fabulous thing to have, small and washable.

*A small first aid kit:
*Anti fungal and antibiotic creams
*hydrogen peroxide
*Medication and spare medication if needed
*Burn cream/bug bites etc like "Bepanthen" or "Eurax" which is brilliant for sandfly bites /midgies
*I like to take a thermometer with little ones too.
Substitute with any herbal equivalents like lavender oil, tea tree oil etc

*underwear - bra, undies, socks (a change for each night stayed)
*Going out clothes?

Shoes as appropriate to occasion and weather
*thongs/flipflops (especially for public showers)

*blanket or sleeping bag

*a book (or kindle) 
*travel game

*Water bottle and spare water. For longer stays a water filter.
*Thermos prepared.
*Dried or easy to carry food. Muesli bar, dried fruit
*Frozen or prepared sandwiches wrapped in a moist cloth serviette (keeps them fresh for hours)

Food utensils -In a prepared kit we have:
This is for preparing lunch mostly, rolls, deli meat, tabouli etc
*Chopping board
*steak knives, forks, spoons
*small cloths of place-mats (little children put their food down any where! Ick!)*
*Can opener 
*Tea towel
*Plastic bag for dirty items. ( Make sure they get washed and returned to kit asap!)

If self catering main meals:
*Dinner for the first night? (we use a thermal cooker, cook meal for 10 mins on stove top then continues to cook for hours later in car-no power needed)
*Quick oats for porridge for breakfast (we do these with hot water in the thermal cooker or a wide mouth thermos) 
*Gas Ring. If taking thermal cooker take camp gas ring to heat any food.
*Frozen meals for subsequent evenings in needed
*If taking dinners, plates/bowls needed.
*Dishwashing liquid and a bucket or washing up bowl.

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