Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthdays should not cost a fortune

Children are so fun to buy or make for :o)
Here's an example of a birthday in our house. This little house was discovered in an op shop in a ratty box that had missing people written all over it. I bought it in hope that the house would be good enough to paint and resurrect it for a birthday. After I got home I opened it up to find the people were missing as the box stated but it did have lots of furniture and the house section had never been opened. It was still in factory bubble wrap! It was $10

We made some people and the wee one was tickled pink. The child received clothes for their little buddy, a ball and their own bath towel. This is plenty for a child.

If we get extravagant gifts how do we 'out do' our selves each year? How does the child learn satisfaction and contentment? These are very important issues in this have it now society.

The front opens up, the roof lifts off for attic space.

Someone really sweet made and sent these for Lyn the boy buddy. Thank you xxx

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