Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home made card from scraps

My friend Sandra (bless her socks) sent us a few card making magazines and in them was a great sliding card idea. So out of our very humble card making supplies DD made this for a friend tomorrow. A clever girl she is!

Black card stock with gorgeous printed paper sewn on. We down-loaded a "grunge" font and printed out the words.
Added ribbons (I think they were cut off garments, you know those ones that hold the garment on the hanger).

We printed a verse we liked in the same font placed it on top of the remaining printed paper used on front of card. Added a "Pull" and "Hold"  printed out mounted on black card.

Cute hey!


Debbie said...

Very cute and pretty!

Sherrie said...

I love making my own cards also ...this one is very clever ..well done ...
Sherrie from simpleliving !

Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) said...

Oh, neato!