Tuesday, March 1, 2011

De-cluttered the little ones room.

Sorted clothes and got new beds. Looking tidy, I wonder if it can stay like it.

I find keeping small children's rooms difficult. Keeping clothes to a minimum helps, I have tried shoe bags and various containers but this time have gone with a shoe basket. It seems if they can throw them in then there's a chance they'll make it.

The other huge help has been to have a basket of school uniforms. Both together, bring it out to the lounge each day and get them dressed. It's easy to drop the clean clothes in there instead of individual drawers. So far it's been a great success, the whole month school has been in ;o)


Alex said...

Ha! If you could the pile of shoes behind my door right now while the shoe bag hangs mostly empty just inches away, you'd know that we should get a shoe basket like yours. :-) The room looks great!

Secret Hippie said...

LOL Debbie (Alex!), real life speaks louder than theory hey. Tehehehe. Every mum nods her head ;o)