Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Veggie garden update

Here's the new garden bed we made last year.  Our first crop this year was eaten by caterpillars while we were away. We have been eating and giving away some of this already :o)

Here's the birth of this bed back in May 2010 so you can see its shape.


twisted soul said...

That's a lush looking crop you have there :)
Is there 2 seperate "plots" in that one bed? Looks good.
Sami Jae.

Secret Hippie said...

Hi Sami Jae, Not bad hey, better than the sticks of white the caterpillars left us :o-
I've added a link in the post so you can see the shape of the bed. It's a C shape so I can get in there and weed. When I say "I" I really mean Pooh ;o)

These really are great veggie beds, you don't have to get on your knees, the soil is light and fluffy because you aren't standing on it, shame they don't self seed a variety of veggies all year round. lol