Sunday, March 27, 2011

Homemade sandwich wrap

My boys have been using lunch wraps and they are so handy, no more plastic wrap! 

They are easy to make, choose a cute patchwork fabric and nylon ripstop and velcro.
Cut both fabrics into 31cm squares and sew around edges leaving a small gap to turn inside out. Edge stitch and sew on 12cm of velcro diagonally as seen in pic, loops on rip stop side and the fuzz on the cotton side. Wash and all done! I wipe them each night and put them through the washing machine each weekend.

Outside fabric and you can see the velcro position

Inside wrap, the ripstop and again the position of the velcro

Folding the wrap around the sandwich, lining velcro up

Finished and sandwich is fresh for many hours!


Peta said...

They look fantastic.
So simple and so useful and the great thing is you can chuck them through the wash.
Might have to add some of these to my sewing projects list, I have some ripstop and some PUL that I can use.

Ashley said...

Great idea! I will be trying this out and linking to it on Saturday, that is if you don't mind ;)

Melinda said...

Where's my credit!!! Glad they are useful and more have been made!

Secret Hippie said...

Hehehe, quite, right!
The big M wrap?
Wrapped in Mel?