Friday, June 17, 2011

The cost of home cappuccino

We do enjoy a nice cup of coffee and we used to treat ourselves to shop bought ones. I though homemade one might be good but I was too nervous to buy a home coffee machine, when I looked at them I got over whelmed by the choices and did away with the plans.

However, we were blessed to recieve a machine from friends who didn't use one they were given. 

So how much does it cost? 90 cents!  *Obviously not including the cost of the coffee machine.*

We use Organic fair trade coffee beans. We had a grinder that I used for nuts. We use lactose free milk.

33c for 14grams of beans
50c for 200mls of milk -Bearing in mind it's expensive lactose free stuff
5c for power usage of coffee machine
1c for grinder usage
1c for chocolate dusting powder

I think it would be cheaper with 'normal' milk 

I honestly think they taste better than the shop bought in most cases :o)

Oh so yum!


Sherrie said...

Such a saving ,I'm not a coffee drinker, I love the smell of coffee, years ago I would buy a cappacino from time to time, I'm ok for a ordinary size cup but any bigger and larger and I get terrible heart palpatations. I also would make it sometimes at home years ago by warmer the milk and frothy it up with the stick blender. I haven't brought one for years, how much is a cappacino these days ?
Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

Secret Hippie said...

Oh yes, palpitations I need to pace myself too.

You pay about $4:50 for a cup around our way. Good saving for sure and not sad tummies from lactose.


Barbs said...

I'm the same too, love coffee but it doesnt love me, have to limit it to a couple a week. Boo Hoo.
Does Lactose free milk taste the same as regular? I am doing a challenge to see if I am lactose intolerant and have given up dairy completely as of last saturday and waiting to see if there is any improvement in my tummy!