Saturday, June 18, 2011

Power House membership and reciprocal rights

For those of you in country NSW or 150km from Sydney and like to take your children to museums etc check out the powerhouse membership offer. We have one for our family and today we took the children to Questacon in ACT under reciprocal rights, so no cost :o) We found it cheaper to belong to Power house than to Questacon, but still can go unlimited times. Interesting hey. (However it doesn't work if you live in ACT, they don't let you go to Questacon  on a PH membership)

I confess this was an accidental discovery, we went to take the kids to the Lord of the Rings exhibition years ago and it was cheaper to get a membership than to pay individually to see the exhibit. We have had a membership since:o)

Powerhouse: $160 for 3 years. For "Country Household".
Questacon: $220 to join for only 2 years then $195 to renew. For a "Family" 2A 3C extra children $23 each for 2 year memberships.

Powerhouse membership
Reciprocal rights

The little ones had a ball today and it cost nothing other than fuel.


amummy said...

If you are travelling to the USA, getting a questacon membership is great value, as it has reciporcal arrangements with heaps of museaums in the USA.
We save the cost of the questacon membership when we visited the Intrepid Air and Space museum in New York.

Secret Hippie said...

True! Very good value for overseas travels :o)