Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saving money in Winter

Trying to save money in winter!

We don't go out much if we can help it in winter so there's a petrol saving, albeit small.

We have our fire going with wood from the property so it's virtually free.

As I am more likely to be home all day in winter I do simmer dinner on the heater. I initially cook it on the gas stove, brown the meat and bring to boil etc them pop the lid on and transfer it to the heater.
Wow! I've opened the door so you could see the nice fire as it didn't photograph with door shut and now I've added to the ash layering. I can honestly say fires make the house warm 'n cosy and dusty as!

The foods we generally eat in winter are stews and soups and you can get away with cheaper cuts and frozen veg. While our waist lines don't need it, we like puds for afters too.

We continue to have porridge in the thermal cooker each night, ready for the morning. I use quick oats from Aldi, a drizzle of honey from our bees and that's it. Yum.

I think the house might also be at it's messiest in winter, with an unrelenting ash layer everywhere, throws and blankets on all the chairs and lounges (for snuggling up under to watch a movie), we add to the look with the 'chinese laundry' each night. I'm not going to add a picture because you know what I mean! All the clothes that didn't dry on the line wait in turn to hang over the fire surround ;o)

Not much is happening in the garden so minimal out lay there.

Clothes, well I don't really like to be out in the cold so I don't shop but I do like to knit.

Did you know that even the hair on your head grows slower in winter, now there's another saving! LOL

We could be guilty of having longer showers in winter... no saving what so ever there ;o)


Sherrie said...

hi piglet gosh you sound like me , I also like to hybernate during the winter, have our slow combustion fire burning most of the time, wood is also free on our 25 acre block, all though we hire a chain saw every couple of years so not quite free, but close enough, we worked out it was cheaper to hire then purchase a new one. I love making soups &stews and muffins in the winter, we also cook on our fire top and inside ,I some times do potatoes in foil in the fire box which are yum. I'm not a knit I'm a sewer. I can knit, but prefer sewing, crafting & quilting...piglet was that you on SS that had the post about childrens party food, gosh I feel the same I like to serve healthy food even at parties, I always do a big fruit platter, as well as a salad one, home made lemon codial usually, make my own cake with wholemeal flour. usually make little sausage rolls with mince & vegetables which always vanish so quickly, home made popcorn,every one usually comments how nice the food is ....
Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

Tania @ Out Back said...

You sound like me. I like to stay home more in Winter, one reason being I dont want to catch any Winter bugs.
Be like the bears and hibernate, eat up and be warm!

I know what you mean about ash dust. I get red dust in Summer and white ash dust through Winter, I do prefer the red though lol.

Secret Hippie said...

Tania, agree about hiding from flu type things! Woohoo for a good food store!

and thanks for confessing to ash too :o)

Secret Hippie said...

Sherrie, I confess it was me on the party thread. LOL It was quite the polemic don't you think!

Ahhh lovely to hear from fellow hibernators! Oh yes in the fire box cooking too, I like the smoky favour.