Friday, June 17, 2011

One lovely blog award

I have been awarded a "One lovely blog award" from Sammy
Sherrie from
and Peta at

They have gorgeous blogs and so worth making time for a coffee and a good read!

7 facts you might not know about me:

1. I love hand made gifts
2. I don't like cooking
3. I long to live Henry Thoreau style
4. I would have loved more children
5. I want to be a missionary once the children leave home/old enough to be left
6. The thought of sago makes me dry reach 
7. Pooh and I met under the shower


Peta said...

Love number 7 Secret Hippie and thanks for following my blog. I have given Ollie a kiss on his fuzzy head for you as well.

Honey said...

Oh wow but that's a teaser if I ever saw one. I'm left with two questions and the following posts didn't answer them. What's sago?

The most important one I'm so curious to hear is how'd you meet in or was it under the shower? (Spock eyebrow raised expression) Either nosy sense is tingling.


Secret Hippie said...

Tehehehe, a bit cheeky hey ;o)

Sago is a starchy thing from the sago palm, it used to make desserts and once boiled it looks like slimy frogs eggs. Blah!

The shower, Pooh had just finish a surf patrol and was under the open shower as I walked past. I caught his eye and that was that! Sigh, he looked so yummy ;o)