Thursday, June 16, 2011

We had a birthday in the house.

We had a wee one celebrate a birthday! We made a Tissue paper star for the occasion. These are popular in the Waldorf world for brightening the windows in winter.
Here is a link to a tutorial if you want to make some.

I had got my knickers in a knot recently about the poor quality food that is often served up at children parties. While some argue that it is only a party, I struggle to see why we serve completely nutritionally defunct food as a celebration! My healthy suggestions were declared unappealing by some and tasty by others. So the pressure was on of course to serve edible food!
Menu was homemade pizza and blue fluff and cake.

I made pizza bases in the bread machine. I assume most have a pizza/pastry setting.
I made huge ones and tiny toddler sized bases.

I had ham, cheese, pineapple with carmelised onions and potato (oil, garlic, salt) for the children to make their own. They and juice and water to drink.
The adults mediterranean - chargrilled veggies, fetta, olives and pesto base
Tandoori chicken- 2 chicken breasts cooked and marinated in Tandoori paste and yoghurt. Yoghurt and cashews on top (I forgot the mint leaves) 

Then flummery and cake. Cappuccinos for the adults.  Big sister made 3 gollywog cakes From Enid Blyton's Three Little Gollywogs, a fav book at the moment with the little ones.

For a quick midweek party in the pouring rain, it was great and everyone was happy and full!


Barb. said...

You did cause a bit of a stir didn't you. lol.

I totally agree with you, why serve our kids cruddy food all in the name of *treats*


Secret Hippie said...

Tehehehe Barb and thumbs up.

It was a bit naughty of me to call the party pie thing food vile, it kind of forces people to defend and come out swinging ;o)